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An important message about the Catholic Mass times app


I am Pablo Licheri, founder and main donor of this project, and I want to thank you for coming to this page. I believe that the Holy Spirit has connected us today because I have an important message to share with you about Catholic Mass Times.

Let me start with the great news: Catholic Mass Times has been downloaded by 1,300,000 Catholics around the world. Our app now provides information about 80,000+ churches in more than 160 countries.

For millions of Catholics, our app is the only reliable way of finding nearby Catholic churches and Mass times, as map applications do not have the Catholic churches correctly classified, and in most countries, parishes don't have updated websites or websites at all!

Catholics can quickly find a church near them and when to attend Mass, helping them keep their Sunday obligation and attending Mass more often on weekdays.

People are complaining every day about the state of our culture. We worry about Catholics losing their faith and not frequenting the sacraments. We are convinced that it's imperative to help Catholics attend Mass each week/day and receive the sacrament of Reconciliation more often because that is a requisite to grow our faith and become beacons of Truth to our families, neighbors, communities, and nation.

You might be thinking,

"Yes, but what can you and I do?"


I have an answer… and I think you will enjoy this good news.

Catholic Mass Times is used by more than 100,000 Catholics each month, helping them receive Our Lord in the Eucharist and the Grace that transforms their lives.

I invite you to join my wife and me in supporting this project. Your support will allow us to keep providing and improving this vital service to the Church worldwide.

We've achieved great milestones this year, and there's so much more to look forward to in the months ahead! I'm sure you're going to love what's coming next!

Thank you for being part of our mission to spread the Gospel to all nations.

May God bless you,


What previous donors said:

"Help keep active and improve a service that I consider very important for Catholics."

"Love the app!"

"I believe in your work."

"Facilitating the participation of people in the single greatest event of all time."

"I just find the app extremely helpful."

"Great initiatives need support."

"It’s a very good cause, and I need to go to Mass every Sunday no matter where in the world I am."

"I really appreciate this service and would like to see some tweaking occur."

"Big fan of the app!"

"I use the app nearly on a daily basis to find masses in Madrid and when I have to travel due to work."

"This is the first time I see this email about donating for the app and I use it almost every week. So I just wanted to contribute a bit."

"I have used the app many times as I travel and when I do I need to find the nearest catholic church to attend Mass."

"It has helped me many times to find mass in different places."

"It’s very helpful to have updated info about churches around the world. I use the app often, thank you!"

"I use this app and I want to help"

"I travel a lot, and daily Mass is essential in my schedule and lodgment planning. All my activities come after the daily Mass is granted. Then your app became essential to me and others in a similar situation."

"To thank you for the information"

"I travel a lot and I attend mass daily every where I go. So this app is for me fantastic and very accurate. Thank you very much for helping me find masses around the world."

"Thanks to your app, I have been able to find mass in so many places, when on vacation or in my own city! Mass is Jesus giving himself to us, and everything that facilitates us participating in Mass is worthwhile."

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." – Mother Teresa